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Bleaching Powder for Sterilization of Samples of Water- Chemistry 12th CBSE Experiment ------ [Click for Chemistry Sample]

Description : Dosage of Bleaching Powder Required for Sterilization of Different Samples of Water- Chemistry 12th CBSE Experiment, Distilled Water, Bleaching powder, Solution, Chemistry, Experiment, Dosage of Bleaching Powder Required for Sterilization of Different Samples of Water

Dialysis of Different Sewage Water Samples and Identification of Different Ions in Resulting Solutions - Chemistry 12th CBSE Experiment ------ [Click for Chemistry Sample]

Description : Dialysis of Different Sewage Water Samples and Identification of Different Ions in Resulting Solutions - Chemistry 12th CBSE Experiment, Dialysis, Sewage Water, Chemistry, Samples, Ions, Solutions, Suspended Impurities, Ammonium Oxalate Test, Picric acid, test, solution

Acid & Bases of Tensile Strength of Fibres ------ [Click for Chemistry Sample]

Description : Effect of acid–bases properties, Effect of sodium hydroxide on tensile strength, method of acid and bases, Experiment on fiber acid-base, Chemistry Sample, Acid & bases chemistry, Effect of acid and bases on tensile strength of fibres

Adsorption------ [Click for Chemistry Project]

Description : Adsorption, Chemical and Physical Adsorption, Adsorption Definition, Caron Adsorption, Causes of Adsorption, Classification of Adsorption, Factors on which adsorption depend, Types of Adsorption, Freundlich's adsorption isotherm, Application of adsorption

Chemistry Topic on Food Adulteration------ [Click for Chemistry Sample Report]

Description : Food Adulteration, Food Adultration, Food Adulteration Chemistry Project, Chemistry project on Food Adulteration, Types of Food Adulteration, Chemistry Experiment, Common type of food adulterations

Nuclear Chemistry------ [Click for Chemistry Project]

Description : Nuclear Chemistry, Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Power, Nuclear Fusion, Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Family, natural radioactivity, artificial radioactivity, induced radioactivity, Cause of Radioactivity, Nature and characteristics of Radioactive Substances, Alpha rays, Gama rays, Beta rays, rate of radioactive disintegration, decay, Half Life Period, nuclear fission, Nuclear Fusions Project on Nuclear Chemistry

Rusting of Iron------ [Click for Chemistry Project]

Description : Rusting of Iron, Iron Rusting, Chemistry Project Report Rusting of Iron, RUST affected moisture, oxygen carbondioxide, Theory - Rusting of Iron, Water vapours on surface metal, dissolved carbon-dioxide, oxygen from the air, Procedure - Iron Rusting, compound iron, combination of iron oxygen, paints grease and lacquers, Rusting of Iron - Introduction, Theory, Requirements, Procedures, Observations, Methods of Prevention, Conclusions - Rusting of Iron

Organic Chemistry------ [Click for Chemistry Sample Report]

Description : Organic Compounds, Thesis Organic Chemistry, Alcohol, Aldehydes, Ketone, Esters, Carboxylic Acid, Phenol, Information about ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, Organic Compounds, Derivatives of Hydrocarbon

Dyeing of Fabrics------ [Click for Chemistry Sample Report]

Description : Dyes, Dyeing of Fabrics, Fabric Dyeing, Information about DYEING OF FABRICS, Dyes

Radio Activity------ [Click for Chemistry Project]

Description : Radio Activity, Chemistry Project Radio Activity, Radioactivity Project, Radio Activity Report Project, Natural Radioactivity, Artificial, Induced Radioactivity, Chemistry Project on Radio Activity, Properties Alpha Rays, Properties Beta Rays, Properties Gamma Rays

Surface Energy------ [Click for Chemistry Project]

Description : Surface Energy, Energy Resources, Molecules, Energy Surface, Molecules, Uses of Surface Energy, Surface Energy Report XII Class Chemistry, Surface Energy Definition, Surface Energy polymers, Surface Energy metals, Surface Energy adhesion, Surface Energy solids, Surface Energy measurement, Chemistry Project energy

Chemistry Polymers------ [Click for Chemistry Sample Report]

Description : Chemistry Polymers, Polymerization, Classification of Polymers, Natural Polymers, Synthetic Polymers, Linear Polymers, Three-dimensional Network Polymers, Additional Polymerization and Additional Polymers, Condensation Polymers, Definition of Polymers, Polymers nucleic acid

Chemistry Topic Constituents of An Alloy------ [Click for Chemistry Sample Report]

Description : Constituents of Alloys, Chemistry Experiment on Constituents of an alloy, Preparation of Alloys, Analysis of an alloy, To analyze a sample of brass qualitatively, bronze qualitatively, duralumin qualitatively, Uses of alloys, uses with modify chemical reactivity, To increase hardness, To increase tensile strength, To lower the melting point, To modify the colour, To resist corrosion

Boiling Point & Freezing Point------ [Click for Chemistry Sample Report]

Description : Effect of Impurities on the Boiling Point and Freezing Point of A liquid (Water), Boiling Point, Freezing Point, Water, Liquid, Effect of Impurities, Experiment, Chemistry, Colligative Property, Boiling & Freezing Point, Application of Depression in Freezing Point"

Primary Cell and Secondary Cell------ [Click for Chemistry Sample Report]

Description : Cells, What is Cells, Introduction, Electrochemical cells, salt bridges, resistance, Types of cells, Primary Cells, Secondary Cells, Fuel Cells, examples, dry cell, mercury cell, anode, Cathode, Dichlorodiammine, Zinc, battery, electrode reaction, discharge, recharging cell, electrolytic cell, electrical energy, hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell, Chemistry, Project, Study of Cells : Introduction, Types of cells, Primary cells, Secondary cells, Fuel Cells, Dry Cell etc.

Corrosion------ [Click for Chemistry Project]

Description : Corrosion - Introduction, Topic - Study on Corrosion, Mechanism or theory of Corrosion, Factors which promote corrosion, Prevention of corrosion, Barrier Protection, Sacrificial Protection, Electrical Protection, Using anti-rust solutions in Corrosion

Electro Chemical Cell------ [Click for Chemistry Sample Report]

Description : Electrochemical Cell, reaction , zinc rod, zinc sulphate solution, copper rod, copper sulphate, beaker, Salt Brigade, Electro Chemical Cell, electrical circuit, solution, electrical neutrality, cells, Oxidation half reaction, Reduction half reaction, Standard EMF, reduction, copper electrode, cathode, electrons, electrons pushes, external circuit, oxidation, ions

Rate of Evaporation of different liquids------ [Click for Chemistry Sample Report]

Description : Chemistry Rate of Evaporation of Different Liquids, Evaporation Different Liquids, Objectives of Evaporation, Introduction of Evaporation, Factors affecting the rate of evaporation, Experiment - To compare the rates of evaporation of acetone, benzene and chloroform, effect of surface area on diethylether, effect of temperature on acetone, effect of air current on acetone, Observation and Conclusion




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